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Seven Lakes Band

For All Wind Students

Clarinet in orchestra

Additional Wind Material

We have selected additional exercises for SOME of the instruments - if your instrument does not have an additional exercise below then the audition etude above is all you will have to play for your audition

*only perform the highlighted portions*

*each exercise is at 96bpm*

Percussion Material

All students can choose two different instruments to audition for between:
-Front Ensemble

They will be expected to mark-time during the Marching Instruments and to “pulse” during the front ensemble audition. This will be taught by me at a later date.
Reading through the packets BEFORE working on the music is crucial to their success as musicians in this.
All exercise should be played at a minimum tempo of 100 BPM with a maximum tempo of 145 BPM.
Auditions will be held the second week of may 9th -13th and students will sign-up for an afternoon time slot for their individual audition.

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